Artist Statement

My art encompasses a collection of works that span both analog and new media. I delve into the exploration of human nature's morality and the inherent ambivalence that often surfaces within human relationships. The central theme of my artwork takes shape in narrative-based films or through audio and visual experiments, symbolizing the conflicting desires to both preserve and purge trauma.

I have a tendency to blend various artistic practices from diverse cultures and historical periods, intentionally obscuring the era of production in my creations. This approach allows viewers to separate my identity as an artist from the artwork itself, minimizing the influence of my personal experiences and biases on the art. This intention is effectively conveyed by presenting my artworks as if they were excavated artifacts.

In my most recent works, I have been addressing the identity crisis one might encounter when exposed to multiple cultural influences within a short time frame. By crafting images that remotely or strikingly resemble existing artworks from various cultures, I seek to encapsulate the disorientation of a diaspora. Furthermore, by infusing a sociological and psychological perspective into my works, I explore humanity's struggle to find the right balance between social integration and individuality – the desire to be unique without veering into eccentricity and risking exclusion from society.